Only through care and knowledge one can achieve true cordial welcome

Hospitality handled
with care and expertise

We are ‘Coredeal’, a leading hotel management company in Georgia, committed to providing outstanding services to guests, superior returns and performance results to our owners and investors.

We apply our professional management expertise to deliver high performance results and exceptional financial value for the hotels entrusted to us - a franchise branded hotels, a local boutique hotels, resort or a multi-hotel portfolios.

We believe that by being present at the beginning of each project we make a huge difference, as we offer a wider range of extensive services: from Project development and Technical Service Assistance to Pre-opening and Management.

Our main goal is to go beyond, create opportunities and elevate the performance up to the standards that reflect our own expectations for greatness; and this we do with care, fresh insights into hotel trends and decades of hospitality experience.


We aim to take hospitality industry to the next level and make it a perfection.

Our approach is to translate rich traditions of Georgian hospitality into a high standard & service oriented industry, by applying western management and a right synergy of international experience.

Your success is taken care of.

Our tailor-made approach and effective management of property assets elevates every project that we come across. These are the crucial points for success we believe in.

Our core values

  • · Passionate people, proven success ·
  • · Delivering with Care ·
  • · Appliance of knowledge, acting cordially ·
  • · Thinking like a guest - acting like an owner ·
  • · Showing expertise and being a trusted partner ·

Our Team

The Executive Team at Cordeal is comprised of outstanding leaders and associates with years of experience in hospitality expertise and a history of delivering industry-leading results.

We are passionate about our work, our team and meeting challenges with confidence and creativity. Above all, we share a core value of delighting our guests and creating a unique service for our owners and clients.



Oversees the evolution of the management company and a growth of a hotel portfolio, through creating new strategies for development, acquisitions and third-party management.

Throughout her 22-year long career, in scope of her responsibilities as the General Manager of 'Ramada Hotels', 'Ramada Encore' and Hotel chain 'Ambassadori' and an executive committee member of the international 5-star ‘Sheraton Hotels’ in Tbilisi, Batumi and Baku, she has been involved in openings of multiple international hotels.



With a fully integrated team of feasibility and business development professionals, ‘Coredeal’ will consult the owner in respect to market feasibility, concept development, site selection, construction, naming and branding.

With the intention to deliver above market value, business plan will be finalized, based on the comprehensive understanding of customer needs, owner requests and operational opportunities

TSA and Pre-Opening

‘Coredeal’ undertakes all pre-opening activities: such as preparing hotel for the ribbon cutting by monitoring property construction process, consulting with architects and designers regarding the layout of the hotel, facilities, services, IT systems, mechanical and electrical engineering .Is involved in establishing standards, merchandising items, welcome sets, hotel maintenance programs. And provides IT recommendations, supervise installation of servers, IT equipment and sales programs;

‘Coredeal’s team’ will define the general organization of the company, establish staffing plans and carry out recruitment practices; we also will determine purchasing and accounting policies as well as pre-opening Sales & Marketing strategy.


With an individual and unique approach to each client's desire, 'Coredeal' management team oversees all day-to-day property operations with ownership engagement and best practice knowledge that contributes to the hotel's success and profitability.

We cut tremendous costs by leveraging our scale and operational efficacy.

Sales and Marketing

Industry professionals, responsible for driving incremental traffic and revenue to our managed hotel properties, lead ‘Coredeal’ Sales & Marketing department.

We offer innovative cross-selling programs, sales training and on-boarding programs, broad client portfolio, e-commerce, digital and other marketing activities to promote hotels on local and international markets in order to maximize the sustainable profitability of the hotel.

Archi Kokhta Bakuriani

Bakuriani, Georgia

Technical Service Assistance (TSA) & Pre Opening - Ongoing


Opening Date: Q1 2022

Steps by Premium Group

Batumi, Georgia

Business Development & Pre-Opening


Opening Date: Q3 2023

Sioni Lake Resort & SPA

Sioni, Georgia

Business Development

Shaori Lake Resort

Racha, Georgia

Business Development & Technical Service Assistance 

Hotel Manavi

Manavi, Georgia

Business Development

Nukriani Hotel & Suites

Nukriani, Georgia

Business Development

St. Petersburg Hotel

Tbilisi, Georgia

Business Development & Technical Service Assistance

Oval Tower

Batumi, Georgia

Technical Service Assistance

Cube Tower

Batumi, Georgia

Technical Service Assistance

ibis Red Ortachala

Tbilisi, Georgia

Technical Service Assistance (TSA)                             


Opening Date: Q2 2022

Super 8 by Wyndham - Isani

Tbilisi, Georgia

Technical Service Assistance (TSA) - Ongoing                                      


Opening Date: Q1 2023

Askaneli Hotel Kvareli

Kvareli, Georgia

Technical Service Assistance (TSA) & Pre-opening - Ongoing


Opening Date: Q1 2022

Ramada Kutaisi by Wyndham

Tbilisi, Georgia

Technical Service Assiatnce (TSA)

Kvareli Eden

Kvareli, Georgia

Technical Service Assistance (TSA) - Ongoing


Opening Date: Q4 2021

Ramada Tbilisi by Wyndham

Tbilisi, Georgia

Technical Service Assistance (TSA)

Hotel Iveria Inn


TSA and Pre-Opening 

Iota Hotel

Tbilisi, Georgia

TSA and Pre-opening services